About the IMHC

Indiana Minority Health Coalition History

In 1992, local minority health coalitions throughout Indiana were inspired to start addressing the health disparities among Indiana residents. With the help of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus, they collaborated to develop the first 5-year Minority Health Strategic Plan for Indiana. As a result, these local coalitions were able to create the Indiana Minority Health Coalition to facilitate the adoption of the strategic plan as it passed through the legislative process. The general consensus among the leadership was that the Minority Health Initiative needed one statewide entity that could serve as a focal point and a unified voice for the local coalitions' concerns. Thus, IMHC was legally incorporated in 1994.

Our Mission

"To enhance the quality of life through education, advocacy, and quality health care services for racial/ethnic minorities. To conductsresearch and training, develop policy, and create and maintain a broad-based network of affiliate agencies."

We are here to help.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to ensuring that we all are able to live productive lives. With health and longevity, we're better able to make the most of our relationships with family and friends. However, we know it's difficult to adopt the healthy habits that can help us minimize our risks for heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other health conditions that can inhibit our ability to lead long, productive lives. That's why IMHC is dedicated to helping you — through our programs, research, educational sessions, screenings and more. Stay in touch with us to gain invaluable information that can help you and your community maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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