Our Programs

At the IMHC, we're pleased
to offer life-changing health programs.

We realize that a few simple changes can make a dramatic impact in the lives of Indiana residents. And it's backed by our extensive research. Find out how you can help us make our communities more vibrant by improving the health of every Indiana resident. Discover programs that are designed to help us battle the diseases that stand in the way of Indiana residents' ability to enjoy long, healthy lives.

Minority Health Initiative

Through the Minority Health Initiative, numerous programs and projects have been launched and maintained to address specific health issues in the state of Indiana, including infant mortality, HIV/AIDS, unintentional injuries, smoking cessation, mental health, addiction and seatbelt safety. The support provided through the Minority Health Initiative is designed to provide programs and services that improve health outcomes for Indiana residents.

Research & Evaluation

As part of our ongoing efforts to highlight health discrepancies in Indiana, IMHC continues to expand its research collaborations with academic institutions and local partners. We are committed to continuing this research to enlighten health practitioners, public policy makers and other community leaders in their efforts to improve the lives of Indiana residents.

Technical Assistance & Training 

IMHC provides capacity building and skills development services to help organizations provide high quality, cultural and linguistically appropriate services.

Education & Awareness

IMHC informs individuals and agencies on current health disparities and practical ways to join in the effort to reduce these disparities.


We realize we must inspire others to continue the legacy of improving the health of all Indiana residents. That's why IMHC is committed to providing high school and college students with internships that expose them to a variety of health careers. By doing so, we hope to increase the number of minority students entering health professions.

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Change comes at the grassroots level. We're at the forefront of those advocacy efforts, working with policymakers to develop, testify on, monitor and evaluate services and issues that affect minority health. It can make all the difference in bringing about the change needed to improve the health of all Indiana citizens.

Health Services Administration

As part of our top priorities to address the health disparities in Indiana, IMHC administers health delivery services that focus on special populations related to chronic disease and behavioral health. We're dedicated to initiating the programs, sessions and services to improve the health outcomes of various minority populations in Indiana.


Do you believe in our mission? Are you committed to helping our communities by improving the health of Indiana residents? Whether you're an individual or part of a corporation, you can join our efforts to eliminate health disparities. Members are provided current data, policy information, discounts to sponsored events and access to its affiliate networks. Join us today!

Join us in making a difference.
Help us improve the health of Indiana residents.

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