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The Center for Multicultural Programs and Initiatives (CMPI) works with and through local, state, and national partners to engage, recruit, and retain minority participation in programs, research, training, and advocacy efforts to eliminate health disparities.

IMHC continues to grow in size and expand in scope to adequately address the health needs in Indiana Minority communities. 

The following is a brief list of some of the departments ,programs and services currently offered by our organization:
Epidemiology Center
Maternal & Child Health Programs
Healthy Lifestyle Programs
Community Doula Services
Diabetis & Heart Health Programs

This is World Cancer Day, We Provide Care

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I Want to Get Every People Volunteering

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The Last Day of World Hunger Month

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How Much Can Someone Afford To Give?

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IMHC Doula Services

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Six Benefits Earned From Charitable Donations

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