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Racial and Ethnic Minority Epidemiology Center

IMHC's Racial and Ethnic Minority Epidemiology Center promotes the discovery, empowerment, and linkages of communities to resources for ensuring success.


The mission of the Racial and Ethnic Minority Epidemiology Center is to serve as a centralized source for the collection and dissemination of information that will influence policy and provide direction for the enhancement of health activities targeting Indiana's various racial and ethnic minority populations. The Resource Center has been developed to fulfill the mission.


The goal of the Resource Center is to serve the community through the use of the web where interested individuals and organizations can access minority health information from federal, state, and local sources. 


Racial and Ethnic Minority Epidemiology Center collects, analyzes, and disseminates information to influence public health policy, program development and healthy lifestyle practices; promotes and supports research conducted by community and academic partnerships; conducts research studies in collaboration with community and academic partners. This downloadable page details research studies and dissemination activities.

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